Friday, January 30, 2009

Bible Time

Since I did not get the time to read my Bible yesterday- I doubled my reading for today...

Yesterday's Reading- Job Chapter 8; Bildad's response to Job: Bildad tells Job to plead with God for him to take away his pain. He wants Job to ask the generations before him for their advice and says that God will surely put laughter back in his mouth.

Today's Reading- Job Chapter 9; Job's response to Bildad part 1: Job tells Bildad that he has no right to ask for God's forgiveness because he is blameless; but he says that "God destroys the blameless and the wicked." He also says thathe cannot speak up {to God} without fear, until God removes his rod.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You know it is pointless to clean when you have an almost 1 yr old and a 4 yr old in the house that just take out stuff & it seems to never get put back up. {Although their mom is not all that great about putting everything back in it's place either.}

This Weekend...

This weekend we have a double birthday party, one 4 year old and one 1 year old. Yikes!!!
I have to still make three cakes- one "black race car birthday party cake," one "pink and purple teddy bear cake" and one "first time I've had cake smear it all over myself-cake." This will take me probably close to 5 hrs to finish including baking and decorating so I am starting on Thursday so I will not be rushed on Saturday. We have bought soda, chips, plates, napkins- everything but the ice cream that I forgot. So hopefully it will be on sale this weekend in town?? I can't wait- I hope little Beast loves it because I really like the idea of having two parties at the same time. He picked green and yellow streamers and a balloon tablecloth. The importance of him picking out stuff- within reason- means that he will like the idea more, which means we can have one party instead of two {at least for the next couple of years.} We have so many people coming 32+ that feeding that many people 2x within 2 months would get very costly and since Beast always complains if I don't have food at the party- it is going to have to be this way- well at least until we hit the lottery! ;)

See ya later,

Bible Time

Today I read chapters 6&7 of Job. These two chapters were Job's reply to Eliphaz's comments.
Job seemed to want to be put out of his misery- so that he would not speak evil against God. He knew that God had been protecting him until now and so he would rather die than be angry with God at his circumstances.

We could all learn a little from Job especially me. I know that sometimes I hold my tongue- but a lot of times I don't and sometimes I even let loose on God forgetting everything that God does for us every second of every day. Even breath is a gift from God!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bible Time

Today I read chapters 4 & 5 of Job- Eliphaz the Teminate was replying to Job's remarks of wishing he had never been born. Eliphaz told Job that he has helped many people throughout his life and if he had died at birth he could not of helped those people. Eliphaz also said that the wicked are killed and the good will succeed in the end. And that God can hurt and heal and that Job will make it through this turmoil and survive and return to a normal state of life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bible Time

Today I started Job. I should of read this morning but I had a lot of stuff to do so I put it on my to-do list and read while I had lunch. The first three chapters fly by but it looks like the next chapters will be a little harder to read.

Job Chapter 1: Job is a God-fearing man who is very wealthy and Satan hates him. God allows Satan to take everything from Job except to harm Job. Satan kills all of the livestock and Job's children. Job does not jeopardize his integrity by blaming God.
Job Chapter 2: Satan is allowed to make Job sick but not kill him and puts sores all over his body. Job doesn't curse God.
Job Chapter 3: Three of Job's friends come to be with him while he is sick- they sit without speaking for 7 days and 7 nights. Then Job speaks and curses the day he was born saying that he should of died.

**I know that had this been me- I am not sure I could of went without cursing God as bad as that would be.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daily Shopping Totals

Yesterday we went shopping after church...

Washing Soda $2.45 after tax

Dollar Tree...

Birthday Party Supplies $9.54 after tax {Came out of kid's monthly budget}

Sam's Club
Rice $22.00 {For making own Dog Food}
Hotdogs $12.00 {For the Party; Came out of kid's monthly budget}
Garlic $3.08
Buns $6.24 {For Party but took it out of monthly budget}
Pretzels $7.44
25lbs Flour $7.85 {saved a $1.55 than buying it in 5 lbs bags}
Total out of Monthly Grocery Budget $25.00

Total Left for the next 6 days: $32.63 {I plan to stock up on some loss-leaders with whatever $$ we have left this month.}

Till Next Time,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angel Food

Well our Angel Food came in- & for those of you who do not know about it I wanted to show you what $60.00 of Angel Food looks like.

Contents: 2 of everything: Broccoli, Manicotti, Peas, Eggs, Milk, Pinto Beans, Ribeye Steaks, Chicken Fajitas, Tortillas, Rice, Oatmeal, Chicken Thighs, Hamburger Meat, Ribs, Ground Turkey, Muffin Mix, & Vanilla Creme Cake.

We normally order 3 regular boxes at $30 each but we have a huge stockpile so we only ordered 2 this month. For more information go to and check it out.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily Shopping Totals

Last night we went to Winn Dixie, CVS, and had Pizza Hut for dinner.

Winn Dixie...

Got three 20 ct electrasol tabs cost $3.50 w/ card
Had 3 $2.50 off cpns from 1-4 SS
OOP: 3.74


1 Soyjoy $6.00 get $6.00ECB
2 Throat coolers had BOGO cpn $4.99 get $9.98ECB
1 Nasogel had $2.00 off cpn $5.99 get $7.99ECB
6 American Greeting Cards $5.94 get $3.00ECB {tried to do this deal 2x didn't realize it was one per card.}
2 Axe Bodywashes had 2 $1.50 off cpn $7.00 got $3.00ECB coutesy of
4 Lays chips and 4 pepsi 8 pks {not pictured} $20.00 get $10.00ECB plus mail in rebate for $15.00 in cpns courtesy of mommy

Total OOP: $17.46 + have $13.00ECB leftover $ .96- January Grocery Budget & $16.50 Kids money for their birthday party supplies- {chips and drinks}

Pizza Hut
1 large pizza
2 salads
3 breadsticks
2 drinks
$21.39 plus $2.00 tip- we did not get waited on but 1-2 times but the lady was very nice.

By the way, I have $60.08 left in our budget for the next 9 days. That is approx. $6.67 per day. I hope we can make it- I have to go to Sam's Club on Sunday. ;p

Bible Time

Today I finished up Esther.

It was about how Xerses appointed Mordecai over Haman's position after he was hung. Then Mordecai decreed that the Jews were to arm themselves and fight back when others came against them. The Jews triumphed over their enemies and Haman's ten sons were hung. It was then decreed that the fourteenth and fifteenth day of the twelfth month were to be of feasting and celebration among the Jews.

Well, that was the end of Esther we will see where the Holy Spirit leads me in my reading on Monday...

Till Then,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Shopping Totals

So our kids are having a big birthday party at the end of January and we were going to buy the supplies out of our food money but I just don't think that will work- I still need to buy a few things this month and our birthday budget I think will exceed what we have left. So Beast and I both put up $40.00 a month towards the kids for diapers, clothes, etc. and I think that is where their birthday supplies will be bought at least most of it.
So onto what I got last night...

Butter $1.88

only one of each is pictured.
3 sugars $5.00- this is a savings over the 10lb I normally buy- I got 5lb more for only $.56 more.
3 oils $6.00 - this is a savings over the gallon I normally buy - I got 16oz more for $.50-1.00 less.
Total $10.96

Total spent last night $12.84

Bible Time

Today I was going to only read one chapter of Esther- then I ended up reading three. So here's the low down- but you should definitely read for yourself...

Chapter 5- Esther throws a banquet for the king, and he tells her he would give her anything, but she doesn't give her petition, yet. Haman builds a gallows seventy- five feet tall to hang Mordecai on.

Chapter 6- Xerses cannot sleep and so he wants his the record of his reign read to him, remembers Mordecai saved him when his guards were planning on killing him. Asked what he did to repay him, was told nothing. Then Haman came in and the king asked what he should do to honor someone and Haman gave his opinion without realizing that it was Mordecai who he hates and has to ride him through town on the king's horse and in the king's robes.

Chapter 7- Esther throws another banquet for Xerses and Haman, asks Xerses to save her people and then Haman tries to beg for his life from Esther but it looks like rape and Haman is hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai.

So I wanted to ask everybody- What are you reading today?? Leave a comment and let me know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bible Time

Today I read a couple of chapters but I was getting so into the story that I didn't want to stop- plus I read a little later in the morning so I wasn't as tired and I was able to stay focused more.

Esther Chapter 2-4

Chapter 2: This is the explanation of how Esther is related to Mordecai and how she went through 12 months of beauty treatments in order to be presented to the king and how she was the one who was promoted to queen.

Chapter 3: Was about how Haman developed a plan to kill all of the Jews and about how he sneakily presented this to the king and the king accepted the plan.

Chapter 4: This chapter is about how when the Jews found out about the plan the all were in mourning wearing sack cloths and ashes. And about how Mordecai wanted Esther to save the Jews by talking to the king.

Tomorrow we will get to see what happens...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daily Shopping Totals

On Saturday I went to the grocery store and got...

4 cantaloupe $5.92
1lb strawberries $1.78
4 pkg sausage $5.00
4 pkg bacon $5.92
1 bag hot fries- was not priced on shelf- no idea was so expensive :( $2.19
1 head of cabbage $1.58
1 35.3oz creamer $2.98
3 boxes popcorn for Beast $2.94
Total Saved $16.85 -That is 37%!!

Back to the store...

Sour Cream $.99

On Sunday I went to the store and got...

3 pkgs Hamburger Helper
had cpn $1 off 3 paid $2.00

Went to the Dollar Tree and got...
3 boxes popcorn for Daycare
1 14oz container of cinammon sugar
$4.00 (sorry no pics)

Went to Walmart and got...
2 2lb pkg animal crackers for Daycare
3 1lb pkg cheese crackers for Daycare
1 60ct pkg cookies for Daycare
$10.90 (sorry no pics)

So in case I forgot to post anything we officially have $95.38 left in our January grocery budget of $300.00 and we have 12 days left- let's see if we can make it on everything I have left to buy.

Bible Time

Today I read Esther Chapter 1.

This chapter is about King Xerses and Queen Vashti. Both were giving these grand banquets for the people of Persia. One night Xerses had his noblemen go to Vashti and tell her to come to him. She said no and Xerses was very angry. It led to most of the other women who heard of Vashti say no- so the other women said no to their husbands. So the wise men told Xerses to never allow Vashti to come in his presence again and to appoint another woman as queen, so that the other women who were saying no to their husbands would stop.

This past weekend Beast and I went out to eat. While we were eating I asked him if he thought that I respected him as a wife should respect her husband. {I have trouble doing this.} He said no. He said that he knew that I loved him but did not think that I respected him. He said that I take my stress out on him a lot and that I reprimand him when he yells at the kids. So I told him that I would try and do better, but that I wanted him to not be so hard on the kids and also to not intentionally aggravate me. So we are both trying to do better and I think that God led me to this book of the bible in order to help me reinforce the idea of showing respect. {Lord knows I have told Beast no more times than I can count.}

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daily Shopping Totals

Ok so I have been a very busy little bee- for very little OOP. ;)

Today I went to CVS got 5 men deodorants {priced at 9.99 a piece that's a $50 value.} I had a rain check to pay $6.00 and get $6.00 back in ECB so I paid for the first one $3.50ECB I already had and $2.68 on my CVS $25.00 GC. And I got back $6.00.

Net Profit: $3.32

I also went to Walgreens...

Oatmeal {they gave me one 42oz for the 2 18oz ones b/c they were out. Had 2 (.60) coupons but could only use one so paid a little more than I was originally planning but also got 6oz more} paid $2.19
Plums $2.50 on sale
Banana Chips $1.00

Total $5.69
Paid with $5.00RR and .69 OOP

AND- This is the most exciting I went to Kmart to do the double coupon thing.

Charmin $8.49
Lysol $3.29
Dawn $1.99
2 Scrubbing Bubbles $7.00
2 Toll House Cookie Dough $10.38
Pillsbury Cookie Dough $3.29
Men's 2 in 1 Sauve $1.67
Sauve Shampoo $1.67
Sauve Conditioner $1.66
3 Kid's Sauve Conditioner $5.00
3 Kid's Colgate Toothpaste $5.97
2 Maruchan Noodle Dinners $2.00
2 Welch's grape jelly $4.98
2 Sauve deodorant $3.33

Total Cost: $67.37
Total Coupons & Savings: $50.55
Total PAID: $18.53 OOP WOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so totally doing a dance for the rest of the night. I saved 72.5% And people say coupons don't work HA!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Shopping Totals

Well I am a couple days late on posting this so I will combine Wed and Thurs purchases.

Wed at Grocery Store...

7 pkgs of Bar-S hotdogs for daycare = $4.97

Thurs at Walmart...

1 box of wipes = $7.50
1 3-pk flushable wipes = $3.67
1 spray bottle = $.97
Sugar 10 lbs = $4.12
2 pks candy canes = $.20
Chayenne pepper = $.50
Cumin powder = $2.62
Total = $20.45 after tax

Total Spent: $25.42
Total Left for January: $162.70

Also last night we went to Kmart thinking that they were doubling coupons- Long story short the store said they weren't doubling coupons only some were so they had to unring $70.81 worth of stuff b/c I wasn't paying those kinda prices when I could go to walmart for much cheaper. But I found a Kmart who will double coupons so me and Little Beast and Little Belle are headed there tonight when I get off work. It's a bit of a drive but... My sister is going to go shopping with us.
Total price at Kmart = $70.81
Total Coupons = $38.10
Total supposed to pay = $32.71 OOP
We'll see how it goes.

Bible Time

Today I read the rest of 2 Samuel 19.

Today King David was brought back into Jerusalem and basically the chapter had a lot of people come out to meet and greet him. It was not too exciting just what people said to him and what he said back. The thing that I found kind of funny was that the people said that they wanted to bring back King David after Absalom was killed- as if well our new king that we appointed is dead so we might as well bring back the other one... Like they didn't really care.

I know last night I got very fleshly at the store when they were not doing what I thought they should do because that is what the ad said... I had to apologize to all the personnel later because it was the ad's fault not there's and I should not of gotten upset- but I make a LOT of mistakes.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bible Time

Today I read 2 Samuel 18 & part of 19.

David's troops and Absalom's troops went out to meet- it is said that the forest took more men than the sword did that day. However, Absalom was riding his mule and he basically got hung up in a tree then Joab, David's Commander drove 3 javelins through his heart even though he was told not to harm him. David mourned for his son as any father would.

I want to ask anyone reading this a very very very important question...

If you were to meet Jesus today- would he turn you away? Would he say that he never knew you? Do you know if you would go to heaven or hell? Does Jesus live in your heart? Ok- So if you are saved are you truly following Jesus, does he permeate every area of your life? Are you living for Jesus? Can others tell? Is your light shining brightly? Or is it under a bushel? The end of times is very near- I know where I am going do you?

****Disclaimer: Although I know that I am saved I wrote those questions to challenge us all, including myself because I need a daily reminder to follow Jesus and not myself.

I hope everyone has a good day and I hope that you come to know Jesus if you do not already.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Beast

So we took a family trip to the grocery store tonight after church- and guess what? We are walking down the laundry aisle and Little Beast says "s-o-c-k" He saw a sign and was spelling out the word- so the teacher in me had to stop and help him sound out the word. IT WAS SO COOL!!! He actually tried reading on his own without me telling him too.

Ok off to bed now... talk to ya in the morning.

Bible Time

Today I read 2 Samuel 16 &17.

Today was about King David's flee and the people he met along the way. And then about how Absalom was coming after him- tomorrow one will die... But today David met many people some were nice and helpful by giving him food and wine and others were mean by throwing stones at him. Then Absalom got an army together and is going to go after David.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday... Uh, Tuesday

B- Milk, kix, plums
L- Milk, pinto bns, diced potatoes, oranges, homemade bread
D- Homemade Pizza Pockets (get the dough recipe here)

B- Milk, Juice, Homemade Granola (get the recipe here)
L- Milk, Meatloaf, Green Bns, Apples, Rolls
D- Ranch Chicken Mac N Cheese, peas (recipe here)

B- Milk, apricots, cheerios
L- Milk, eggs, tatertots, carrots, toast
D- BBQ porkchops (in crockpot), green bns, rice

B- Milk, Juice, chex
L- chicken, sweet potatoes, oranges, rice
D- Steak, baked potatoes, biscuits

B- Milk, raisins, oatmeal
L- Bologna sdwch, peas & carrots, banana chips
D- Tacos, refried Bns

B & L- Leftovers/ Cereal ???
D- Tangy Southern BBQ Ribs (recipe here), corn, rolls

B- Cereal
L- Church
D- Chicken Nacho Nuggets (recipe here), not sure about sides

Check out more cool menus here