Monday, June 29, 2009

Publix June 27, 2009

I went to Publix this past Saturday to stock up on some excellent deals.

This is what I got:

4 ritz crackers 7.38

4 trail mix 8.38

4 french's mustard 3.78 (gave one to my mom)

6 kraft bbq sauce 3.87

2 hawaiian sweet rolls 5.00

1 glad cling wrap 1.59 (not pictured)

4 wheat thins 13.96

2 oscar meyer hotdogs 3.99

I used these coupons:

$10 off $40 Harveys 10.00

$1 off glad Food Lion 1.00

4- Buy ritz get wheat thins free 13.96

4- $1 off ritz 4.00

4- .75 off french's 3.00

6- $1 off kraft bbq 6.00

4- $2 off trail mix 8.00

1- $1/2 hotdogs 1.00

Total competitor coupons $11.00

Total vendor coupons $35.96

Total advertised savings $24.39

Total savings $71.35

As we were checking out and I was watching the screen I realized they were going to owe me money after all the coupons I asked the cashier if they did that and she said no. So I told Beast to go get another Hawaiian roll- we only planned on buying one. If I had realized that we were going to be $1.40 over in coupons I would of had Beast grab another cling wrap and then I would of only paid $.19 for my total but I said the first thing that I thought of and that he would know where to get it and so my total for everything was $1.10- I was so happy when I saw how much I saved. I was jumping up and down in the parking lot while Beast was pretending he did not know me...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All for only...

Sorry I have not been around- I got a pretty nasty infection. But it is finally starting to get better- so of course I went shopping ;)


Yoplait (6) B1G1 Free 2.50= 7.50 minus 7.00 Q= .50/6
Honey Maid B1G1 Free 3.99= 3.99 minus 2.00 Q= 1.99/2
Perdue Chicken Nuggets B1G1 Free 4.39= 4.39 minus 2.00 Q= 2.39/2
Starbucks Ice Cream(4) B1G1 Free 3.79= 7.58 minus 8.00 Q= +.42
Bananas 2.91lb @.69/lb=2.01 minus 1.00Q= 1.01/3lb

Also used a $5/$25 Harvey's coupon (thanks Southern Savers)
Total cost $.13 Holy Cow I was so happy when I walked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Always 4.99 minus 4.00Q= .99
Bayer 4.99 minus 4.00Q= .99
Huggies 8.99 minus 1.50Q= 7.49
Also used $5/15 and 3.99 ECB

Total OOP: Cash- .69 ECB 3.99 Didn't roll my ECB but I did get diapers and those are always handy...


This was in four transactions but I'm not going to break each one down they were all the same.

Aquafresh (4) minus (4) .75 Q= 9.00
Aspirin (2)= 1.00
Lip Care (1)= .50
Big Roll (1)= .50
Royal (4)= 1.00

Total 12.87 (tax) minus 12.00 RR equals .87 so all I paid for was the tax!! And this time I did roll my RR!!!!!!!

Total Cash spent tonight (Drum roll please.....) $1.69
Total ECB/RR not rolled tonight $3.99

Today I got my list all ready and said OK I don't want to spend more than $20 then I thought it would be cool to only spend $10 but I did not even spend $2 in cash!!!!! This was one of my best shopping trips ever and I saved over $99.05 at all three stores.

All in a day's work,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look @ what I stole from Walgreens!!!

I went to Walgreens with Little Beast in tow last night. {Not the wisest idea since he tends to bug me the whole time with "You don't need that stuff" "Let's go home" "You always get too much stuff" etc. Which he gets mostly from his father. I actually said that "I went to the store to get away from him" after he said one of his father's lines and Little Beast said "You can't get away from me..." he totally thought I was going to leave him and did not realize I was talking about Beast. Anyways I got lots of stuff that I stole from Walgreens, I did 8 transactions and this is what they look like. I had $10+ $3+ $2+ $2 in RR already.

Lipton Tea (3) 7.50
Skippy PB (3) 6.00
Ragu (2) 4.00
Dry Idea (2) 7.58
St Ives (1) 2.99

Dry Idea Ad -5.60
Dry Idea Printable -2.00
Skippy -.40
Skippy -.40
Ragu -.75
St Ives -1.50
Lipton -.75
RR -2.00

Sub: 1.67
Paid: 2.02

St Ives (1) 2.99
Reusable bag (2) 1.98

Green Bag in ad -1.31
St ives -1.50

Sub: .16
Paid: .42

Oreo Cakester (2) 5.00
Green Bag (1) .99

Oreo Cakesters -2.00
Green Bag in ad -.65
RR -3.00

Sub: .34
Paid: .37

St Ives 2.99
Pocket pack tissues (4) .56

St ives -1.50
RR -2.00

Sub: .05
Paid: .30

Oreo cakesters (2) 5.00
Travel pack seat covers (1) .49

Oreo Cakesters -2.00
RR -3.00

Sub: .49
Paid: .53

Carmex 3.29 {This was supposed to be 2.99 so I overpaid and bought the tissue when I did not need it, had I known this I would of not gotten the tissues and would of only paid .29}
Chips Ahoy (2) 5.00
Pocket Tissue .14

RR -8.00

Sub: .43
Paid: .44

St ives 2.99
Cookie icing .99
Crystal light to go .59

St ives -1.50
RR -3.00

Sub: .07
Paid: .33

St ives 2.99
Cookie Icing .99
Crystal light to go .59

St ives -1.50
RR -3.00

Sub: .07
Paid: .28
{I have no idea why the #7 and #8 transactions were different in total paid when they were the same transaction?}

I spent a total of $4.69 cash, $17.00 RR and left with $14.00RR
Total loss: -$7.59

I actually said to the cashier when I left "Thanks for letting me steal all your stuff."


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Menu Plans

Well I went through both freezers and planned out everything we are going to eat for the next month and a half {more or less} I am hoping if I stick to this I will be completely out of food and the food that has been in there forever.......and ever will get eaten. I have quite a few nights that don't have anything planned but I will be searching for good meat sales and will buy accordingly. We have been sticking to our $300.00 budget really nicely each month and hopefully will continue to do so. If for whatever reason a meal is not used it will be put on the menu at a later date. Also, the meat we will lose is pretty much the only thing listed not the meal I will make it into.

Lunch/ Dinner
15. peanut butter/ chili bake
16. chicken nuggets/ beef fajita meat
17. breakfast burritos/ Salisbury steak
18. pepperoni rolls/ cooked chicken
19. ground turkey/ Beach???
20. / Beach???
21. / porkchops
22. pork sausage/ cooked chicken
23. cooked chicken / ground beef
24. eggs / chicken nuggets
25. hotdogs / ground beef
26. chicken nuggets / chicken pot pie
27. /
28. / NY Steak
29. eggs/ roast
30. ground turkey/ chicken sandwiches
1. chicken / ground beef
2. hotdogs/ GA???
3. / GA???
4. / GA???
5. / GA???
6. pork sausage/ ground beef
7. cooked chicken / ribs
8. eggs / chicken fajita meat
9. dried beans/ ground beef
10. hotdogs/ NY steak
12. / chicken
13. cheese/ ground beef
14. chicken nuggets / ribeye steaks
15. eggs/
16. BE peas/
17. peanut butter/ chicken fajitas
18. / ribs
19. /
20. dried beans/ chicken
21. chicken nuggets /
22. eggs/
23. cheese/ chicken
24. hotdogs/
25. / ribeye steak

Lunches planned are for the daycare- I usually use leftovers for luches on weekends so I don't plan those {although I probably should?}


Monday, June 15, 2009

This week has been really hectic my SIL and I went double couponing twice and other shopping as well. I had a CPR/FA class all day on Saturday then church and a birthday party on Sunday then Beast and my dad put in our new window unit on Sunday during church {our regular AC can't compete with this heat} However, the house stayed a cool 76 degrees all day yesterday.

I actually may be losing a daycare child today and it isn't my fault or the mom's fault it is just the people who pay for his child care may stop doing so? We should know later today for sure.

We bought a 15x4 ft pool put it up and everything and now we have to drain it- it is too uneven to risk leaving it up all summer. But we will be putting it right back up after we make it level. We have been in it twice and it is absolutely wonderful- we will be in it a lot this year because it is so hot!!!!

My SIL and I have also decided to start donating some of our extra stock and freebies to different people who need it. We just donated 4 boxes of stuff to my best friend because they are struggling right now and they really needed it. I think our next donation will go to the local Battered Women's Shelter. That should be in a month or so. It is a great way to help others through our couponing and to worship the Lord through it as well.

I have to decide if I am going to order Angel Food today- I did not order last month and can't decide if I should this month- we have a lot of food and I am trying to decide if I need it or if I can wait another month- I really need to clean out my freezer so that I know if I have enough food to get through about 40 days till the end of July.

I also have not washed laundry in like more than a week so I think that is what I will be doing today along with some other cleaning throughout the house? Maybe {Maybe Not}

Also come to find out the awesome Kraft coupons are back- my SIL and I got some awesome deals with these coupons. So it is awesome that we get to do it again.

Publix is going to start being one of our new stores to shop at I've been there twice this week for some great deals. First was for 8 Breyers YoCrunch at BOGO for .80 and I had (2) .50/4 Q so I got 8 yogurts for $2.20 that is only .275/ yogurt which is a lot cheaper than the 2lb tub from Walmart that is $1.98 the second time I went to Publix I did the yogurt again and I got 2 packs of Sandies cookies for .99 each after sales and coupons.

All in all last week was pretty good- got lots of shopping done, got new stuff, helped a friend and didn't do a lot of housework ;)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bible Time

Samuel 25:

What a mean man Nabal was. But Abigail, his wife was kind and understood the force that David was bringing and wanted to stop it before people died. Now my question is did Abigail not respect her husband and obey him? Or did she do what God wanted her to do even if it went against her husband?


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bible Time

Sorry I did not post yesterday- Little Belle was sick and I had to tend to her.

Samuel 24:

David has the ability to kill Saul and yet he does not and on top of that goes and shows himself to Saul. And only by the grace of God does Saul not kill David when he shows himself but instead asks for forgiveness and leaves. Is this the end of the fight between the two?