Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday my SIL and I took all the food out of hiding and reorganized- here are the pictures of it sprawled out in my daycare & dining room. This is an area of approximately 12 foot wide by 26 foot long. (There was still food in the kitchen, too.) By the way, she is awesome in stuffing things and I have a lot more room now. That means more shopping!!

This is from my front door towards the back...

and this is from my back door toward the front.

And all of this is stockpiling from only $300.00/ month including toiletries (not pictured) and feeding a family of 4 plus a daycare.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Budgeting and Breakdowns

I have two subjects I want to touch upon...

Budgeting- In January I started the $300.00/ month for food, toiletries, everything consumable... And I have consistently stuck to the budget, most months I have even come in under budget by $10-30.00 dollars. So I am debating on dropping our $300.00 budget down each month and seeing if I can still do it. I would probably drop it by $20.00 each month and maybe try to get it down to $200-250.00/ month. This will not be happening for a couple of months (Probably after January at the earliest.)

Breakdowns- Well I think I had a semi-nervous breakdown yesterday. Beast has went back to truck driving- his real passion in life. And it has down been a total of 11 days since I have seen him except through videocam online. And the fact that I was missing him more than I could realize kind of hit me and I cried more or less all day- even went so far as to say that I did not like being married to him. But in the light of the morning I can see that I love him so much more and our relationship is a little better without him here because when he is here we don't argue at all and that makes him happier. So if we can just get all of the $$ kinks worked out of our lives and get where we need to be I think we will be doing all right.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bible Time- Love and Respect

I am starting a book and will be doing this in place of the actual bible- for atleast a little bit of time.

Our young married couples class at church has just started a study book called “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I know as a wife that sometimes I disrespect my husband without meaning to and sometimes he is unloving towards me without meaning to. This is one of those times.

Little Beast is being obnoxious for whatever reason and Beast starts to yell- maybe even spank- regardless, because in my opinion, Beast is being way too hard. {This is where I feel unloved. I feel that if he loves me he would be more understanding with our kids.} So at this point because I am a big mama bear I feel the need to step in and protect my cubs no matter what. I believe that this makes Beast feel disrespected because I am arguing with him when he is disciplining the kids. Thus the “Crazy Cycle” is started in our home. The book that we are reading is to try to help us to learn to respect when we don’t feel loved and for husbands to love their wives when they don’t feel respected- this is very hard on both parts.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Bible Time

Jeremiah 13

God is going to allow Israel's "allies" to become Israel's captors. And he is going to turn Israel into a useless belt that has been buried and hidden.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bible Time

Jeremiah 12

This chapter is how Jeremiah complains to God about those who speak of God but do not truly have God in their hearts. God answers to say that he will uproot all who do not truly love him and when he finally brings them back to their land if they do not truly love them he will uproot them again to destroy them at that point.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Bible Time

Jeremiah 11

God had a covenant with the forefathers of Israel. That they would obey and do everything commanded and he would take care of them and be their God. When a covenant is broken it allows both parties to get out of the agreement therefore God no longer has to take care of them.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Bible Time

Jeremiah 9 and 10

At the end of Jeremiah chapter 10, Jeremiah says a prayer that God will deal with him justly and not in anger, it is a wonderful peace of mind that God does deal with us justly and out of love. If God our Father did not love us he would not discipline us when we are unruly. And even though little Beast sings "Mama's gonna spank me, Daddy's gonna spank me..." If I did not love him and want him to learn right from wrong and bad from good I would not discipline him and teach him. But I do love him with all my heart and I will tear his tail up if the situation calls for it. However, there are times that do not require physical punishment, like this morning when he spilled a bowl of cereal all over the kitchen, even though he was goofing around and should know better than to do that, I can not spank him or yell at him because it was nothing more than him being a child.