Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Budgeting and Breakdowns

I have two subjects I want to touch upon...

Budgeting- In January I started the $300.00/ month for food, toiletries, everything consumable... And I have consistently stuck to the budget, most months I have even come in under budget by $10-30.00 dollars. So I am debating on dropping our $300.00 budget down each month and seeing if I can still do it. I would probably drop it by $20.00 each month and maybe try to get it down to $200-250.00/ month. This will not be happening for a couple of months (Probably after January at the earliest.)

Breakdowns- Well I think I had a semi-nervous breakdown yesterday. Beast has went back to truck driving- his real passion in life. And it has down been a total of 11 days since I have seen him except through videocam online. And the fact that I was missing him more than I could realize kind of hit me and I cried more or less all day- even went so far as to say that I did not like being married to him. But in the light of the morning I can see that I love him so much more and our relationship is a little better without him here because when he is here we don't argue at all and that makes him happier. So if we can just get all of the $$ kinks worked out of our lives and get where we need to be I think we will be doing all right.


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